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Professionals such as athletes, performing artists and celebrity chefs are highly active on social media. They keep their audience updated with their career progress and stories from their personal life. Many individuals start their own business by simply managing enquires and trades over one or few social media platforms. 

Questions arise such as: “What should I do to attract clients if I want to start my business in such simply way?”; “What can I do to become a YouTuber or KOL in my field?”; “There are already thousands of YouTubers and KOLs doing something similar to what I’ve been doing – why do people have to come to me?”. Some brands with stylish logos which have been in the market or on social media for years but never receive any meaningful enquires yet some brands managed to bloom as soon as they are launched. What makes the difference? 

Below are six phases of building a business in a cycle abbreviated to “UPBEAT”:

Phase 1. Unique Offering
The core of a brand is its uniqueness. If a brand provides unique services, products or solutions which the target audience cannot find from competitors, the brand itself serves as a magnet.

Phase 2. Positioning
Marketing appropriate products and services to the correct audience is key to profitability.Positioning a brand with the correct content and visuals is essential.

Phase 3. Bonding 
Generating awareness of a brand, encouraging collaboration, retaining loyalty and attracting new clients all require a community in which people synergise.

Phase 4. E-commerce
Even in the digital era, many services still have to be delivered in person. Providers of such services must still be highly active online to encourage their target audience to browse, reserve and rate.

Phase 5. Agility 
Reacting quickly based on regular analysis of market data and feedback to find out what the brand has to stop, start and continue.

Phase 6. Tailoring 
Offering bespoke services, products and packages to make clients and target audiences realise that they should come to this particular brand.

The UPBEAT Cycle – Brand Creation and Evolutionis a newly launched course by Uni-Talent to guide and assist brands to grow sustainably. This course includes brand-based in-depth analysis, brand development and management consultations and assistance. The Uni-Talent team specialises in training for sustainable branding and business development with comprehensive human resource facilitation.

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