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    Givers Gain – The Value of Bonding in Business

    The “Givers Gain” concept was introduced during an intense training programme offered by BNI Guangzhou where GlobalEye connected with Chinese business professionals to demonstrate VCP (Visibility, Credibility and Profitability). “Givers Gain” concept The “Givers Gain” concept refers to the idea that businesses must provide for and support one another if the brand is to be sustainable. One pitfall many companies face is selling the services or products whenever there opportunities are presented rather than building a trusted network. Whilst initial results may be promising, growth will be limited if the “Givers Gain” concept is not adopted.  Taking the time to familiarise oneself with the products and services which other Business Network…

  • Brand and Business Development

    Brand Creation and Evolution

    Professionals such as athletes, performing artists and celebrity chefs are highly active on social media. They keep their audience updated with their career progress and stories from their personal life. Many individuals start their own business by simply managing enquires and trades over one or few social media platforms.  Questions arise such as: “What should I do to attract clients if I want to start my business in such simply way?”; “What can I do to become a YouTuber or KOL in my field?”; “There are already thousands of YouTubers and KOLs doing something similar to what I’ve been doing – why do people have to come to me?”. Some brands with…

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