Givers Gain – The Value of Bonding in Business

The “Givers Gain” concept was introduced during an intense training programme offered by BNI Guangzhou where GlobalEye connected with Chinese business professionals to demonstrate VCP (Visibility, Credibility and Profitability).
“Givers Gain” concept

The “Givers Gain” concept refers to the idea that businesses must provide for and support one another if the brand is to be sustainable. One pitfall many companies face is selling the services or products whenever there opportunities are presented rather than building a trusted network. Whilst initial results may be promising, growth will be limited if the “Givers Gain” concept is not adopted. 

Taking the time to familiarise oneself with the products and services which other Business Network International (BNI) members are offering while leveraging one’s expertise is essential for building, growing and strengthening a community. Establishing and enhancing the quality of products and services as well as the integrity and ethics of business operations through sharing, exchanging and supporting partners and the business’s client base will bring visibility, credibility and, ultimately, profitability.

Introducing BNI

BNI (Business Network International) is a global networking organisation offering weekly business meetings for members and encouragingmutual support. BNI has its own practise of sharing referrals.

Face-to-face meeting are currently challenging given the work-from-home situation, which has forced most interactions online. Whilst there is no replacement for the trust built through in-person meetings, BNI believes that many challenges presented can be overcome. BNI has organised meetings online since the start Covid-19. The organisation has been helping businesses to overcomeobstacles in the digital era. 

The VCP Theory

Visibility – Few brands are known immediately after launch. The more bridges a firm builds, the more connections it has to help it. Simultaneously, one should always return favours given.

Credibility – This can only be built step by step, project by project or deal by deal. Once credibility of a brand or its ambassador grows, it draws more prospects.

Profitability – When Visibility and Credibility are mature, trades and deals bring profit forfurther development of the brand and businesses. The “Givers Gain” concept sustains the business.

The VCP theory and skills are covered in detail in one of the Uni-Talent’s courses, The UPBEAT Cycle – Brand Creation and Evolution.

GlobalEye with BNI France

In February 2016, GlobalEye was invited to a business dinner with BNI (France) members in Bordeaux. Real estate professionals specialising in vineyard salesintroduced GlobalEye to high-ranking wineries in the region. The team established a branch named GlobelEye Wine and to bring the highest quality of French wine to the Chinese market.

“It is not the typical business mentality. All BNI members have strong willingness to share and exchange business opportunities, network and resources to each other and help each other to grow.” – Anthony Faguet, Managing Director of GlobalEye Wine.

GlobalEye with BNI Guangzhou China

“Opportunities are everywhere.” – GlobalEye Consulting team

In 2016, there were few foreign participants in BNI, Guangzhou. GlobalEye Wine entered as the first western brand ambassador which made the brand and the representatives distinctive.

Upon arrival in Guangzhou, the team aimed to boost wine sales through BNI member networking events as well as working with the tourism industry. The results from the execution was not ideal due to the complexity of business operations in the Chinese market. “Givers Gain”, the core value of BNI, has served as a motto for the team and its success is attributable to it.

Bonds between members strengthen through interaction. Every member is trained to think, to exchange and to progress in a team. Participants learn from each other and analyse the scope of each other’s business before conducting a comprehensive independent review. Referring BNI members to one’s clients and encouraging other members to do the same helps generate, maintain and enhance credibility.

BNI is not merely a business networking organisation. It is also a business academy where in which business professionals can present, transform and improve.

At the early stages of Covid-19, pharmacies in France faced challenges receiving thermometers – a huge hindrance to patients’ diagnosis, cure and recovery. The GlobalEye trading team was referred by a BNI member to help trade the goods from China. Whilst the process happened online, it would not have been possible without the trust, support and reputation of the BNI group.

GlobalEye’s BNI Tour of France 2020

A three-week journey to more than ten cities providing local members insights into cultures within various industries across the country.

Route: Perpignan – Avignon – Macon – Auxerre – Paris – Munster – Reims – Deauville – Blois – Angers – Cognac – Bergerac – Toulouse 

The team met professionals in the following industries:

  • Banking and investment
  • Legal
  • Audit and Accounting
  • Architecture
  • Property Development
  • Real Estate
  • Hotel and Hospitality
  • Wine and Spirits 
  • Event Organisation
  • Photography 
  • Web Design
  • Media 
  • Telecommunications 
  • Printing
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical
  • Electronic Security 

GlobalEye was invited to share the business experience in the Chinese market in order to serve the intrigued local BNI members. The variety of industries in which the members work inspired GlobalEye to create bonds between France and China and between Europe and Asia.

Many businesses which thrive in fiercely competitive local environments deserve opportunities outside their home territories. GlobalEye Consulting partners with Uni-Talent to support and assist European brands and companies to emerge in the Chinese and Asian markets.

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