Founded in Bordeaux in 2010, GlobalEye Brand offers solutions across Europe and Asia. It provides a comprehensive range of services including Import and export services, social media marketing, education services, Chinese company consulting.

In 2016 was born Guangzhou Globaleye Trading Co Ltd. Through this WOFE was created GlobalEyeWine brand them helped French wineries to showcase their brands and selections of wine to the Asian market through its platform Art&Lifestyle and also through the BNI (Business Network International).

In 2019, GlobalEye joined forces with Uni-Talent, an institute based crossed France and South China, to provide professional business training and cross-cultural workshops and to guide businesses to plan and execute strategies in Greater China as well as to assist Chinese businesses to thrive in the global market.

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GlobalEye Wine at BNI Guangzhou 2017
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Past Events

GlobalEye Wine x Les Tontons
(Bordeaux, France 2016)
BNI Christmas Party
(Guangzhou, China 2017)

French Wine and Culture Sharing on TV Programme
(Guangzhou, China 2018)
GlobalEye Wine x Les Tontons
(Bordeaux, France 2016)

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